2018 Audi Q8: Don’t Mistake Me For A Ford!

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On the normal car scene, Audi has got the A8 as its flagship vehicle. The R8, on the other hand, is made to be the brand’s halo vehicle. So what about SUVs?

Despite having introduced plenty of new SUVs in the past decade, Audi is still pending to have a halo model for their utility front. Well, this will look to change in the near future as Audi has confirmed on the development of the Q8.

But on the downside of things, the Q8 isn’t anything like the R8 for the non-utility scene. Instead of looking like a high-powered R8 on stilts, the Q8 has a design that is awkwardly similar to Ford.

We can back this statement up with new spy shots on the Q8 which saw the vehicle having a Ford-like appearance. The similarities cannot be overlooked and this is partly due to Audi’s logo being blacked out thus making the grille looking like those from Ford. The only good news here is that everything is purely Audi underneath the hood of the vehicle.

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The Q8 is expected to make its debut later this year and we certainly hope that the model without camouflage won’t look anything close to a Ford.