2018 Audi R8 Gets Absurd With Mad Max Outfit

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If we are living in a post-apocalyptic world like the one featured in Mad Max, we would want to drive a high-powered, bullet-proof killer machine that can handle the extreme terrains.

Today, we got a better idea on the car we would pick and it is the Audi R8 that is pictured above. Based on the latest R8, designer MoAoun has decided to turn the German supercar into a Baja monster.

The lad raised the height of the R8 by a huge margin and he also quoted on the application of a new chassis, new suspension, giant tires, additional lights, and some protective elements that can save you from the post-apocalypse bandits.

Under the hood, the R8 Baja relies on a twin-turbo V8 that is sourced from the Urus. With such a setup, we can already hear the crowd chanting “V8! V8! V8!” towards this sweet ride.