2018 Audi R8 Refresh Support For Drivers In New Campaign!

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The automotive world is fast approaching an era where drivers are no longer required and this is something that is hurting every driving enthusiast.

Audi is among the carmakers that have invested heavily on autonomous technology but they have not forgotten about drivers completely. The carmaker made a bold statement about it today through a new video commercial of the R8 Spyder that comes with the title – “Driver”.

The clip not only demonstrated the racing spirit of the R8 Spyder but it also put the scopes on the entertaining and fun aspects of driving a car. The biggest indication is with the still shot of the manual gearbox that features on the R8 Spyder in the video.

While manual gearboxes may not be as good as Audi’s DCT, the offering remains intact to appeal to drivers worldwide. We can’t say the same for the majority of carmakers that never think twice in ditching the manual transmission entirely.