2018 BMW X4: BMW Now Look Lost!

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One of the vehicles which BMW is planning to release very soon from now is the X4. The SUV is aimed at filling the void between the X3 and the X5, and it is also tipped to be the most stylish of all SUVs from BMW.

Normally, when BMW says something like that, we will jump straight behind their back. However, the X4 is completely different case as nothing about the vehicle spells excitement.

The upcoming BMW X4 happens to have a design language that is typical of a vehicle from Mercedes and this is something we find hard to accept. Mercedes-Benz is BMW’s blood rival hence anything similar should be deemed unacceptable.

If you are to check out the latest X4 leak below, you can easily notice the styling being near identical to the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe. The positioning and the shape of the taillights are too similar for our liking. It simply suggests that BMW has gone soft and forgot about their rivalry with Mercedes.