2018 BMW X4 Caught Trying To Be A Mercedes!

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Mercedes-Benz is the current dominant name in the luxury market as they have ratchet up more sales than any other brands. BMW sees this as a problem that needs immediate addressing as failing to do so will widen the gap between them and Mercedes-Benz.

The ideal solution is to pursue volume and that can be done by having more attractive cars getting released. However, for BMW, they are not going to do that as the Bavarian brand prefers to take inspirations from Mercedes’ products.

This is proven today when a spy photo of the upcoming X4 surfaced online and it created a lot of confusion among enthusiasts. This cannot be helped as one can easily mistake the rear of the X4 for a Mercedes-Benz. The front, on the other hand, is typical of a BMW.

As how you can see below, the rear taillights are near identical to that of the 2018 Mercedes E-Class Coupe. It is too similar for our taste and the elegant styling of the rear does not blend well with the aggressive, busy front.

But of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder hence we would love to hear your thoughts on the upcoming X4.

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