2018 BMW X4 Exposes BMW’s Love For Mercedes’ Butt

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The X4 is the next luxury SUV to come from BMW and it will be filling the gap between the X3 and the X5. Due to arrive in the US in November this year, the next X4 is expected to offer an X5-like performance with more style.

But then again, this hope has been killed after we managed to get a look at the X4 without camouflage spotted on public roads. As how you can see in the photo embedded at the end of this article, the X4’s design shocked us due to it close similarities to a Mercedes-Benz.

The design language that is typical of a vehicle from Mercedes and this is something we find hard to swallow. Mercedes-Benz is BMW’s blood rival hence anything similar should be deemed unacceptable.

The rear design of the X4, in particular, is near identical to the 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupe. The positioning and the shape of the taillights are too similar for our liking. It doesn’t help seeing that the front has a lot of aggression and a busy design that is typical of BMW.

The two elements just don’t blend well in our eyes. This is simply based on our view on the X4. How would you grade the X4’s design?