2018 BMW X4: Mercedes’ Butt Confirmed, Rage Ensues!

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If you are a fan of BMW and are interested in getting the next-gen X4, you may want to reconsider your interest. This is because the next-gen X4’s design language will put your loyalty to BMW to the test since there is too much Mercedes-Benz in the profile.

This is further proven today when the next-gen X4 was caught without any camouflage on thus giving us a good look at the production-ready prototype. From it, we can confirm that BMW has decided to offer a typical BMW aggressive design for the front part of the vehicle. The rear, however, looks too much like a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe.

The positioning and the shape of the taillights on the X4 is just too similar to a Mercedes that there is no way to deny this. We see it as a big test for the BMW loyalist since they will need to make-do with the Mercedes-style if they want the X4.

The next-gen X4 is hoping to make its debut next year and we can’t imagine how the masses will react when seeing the luxury SUV looking like a vehicle that is developed by a rival company.