2018 Chevrolet Camaro Finally Ditches Real People Methodology

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For years already, we have kept up with GM’s unusual advertising methods which many have found to be unpleasant. In case you are wondering what it is about the adverts, GM presented a new car on a group of people before citing the praises to be from these normal folks.

The carmaker used the term ‘real people’ far too occasionally that many felt they are paid actors despite what GM claim them to be. The method has been repeated numerous times until today, when the Chevrolet Camaro decided to try on a new marketing style.

A new advert for the Chevrolet Camaro surfaced online earlier today and it shows the car letting all of its power loose in a cinematic setting. All we can say is that it looks a lot better than the real people adverts, although we would miss the comical way of marketing the Camaro.