2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1: Where Art Thou?

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After seeing the success that is with the newly released Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE, performance fans have shifted their attention to Corvette, in anticipation of the upcoming ZR1.

The next Corvette ZR1 has been a subject of many rumors for several months now and nobody but the lads at GM knows roughly when the car will be ready to make a release. While specific time frame has been provided as of yet, a new spy shots on the Corvette ZR1 strongly suggests that the car will come out of hiding later this year.

The shots were taken at Nurburgring, Germany, and it was also indicated that the car is very close to completion. An insider from the grounds further quoted that once tuning is done, Chevrolet will gladly release the official lap times for the Corvette ZR1.

With that being said, when can we expect the Corvette ZR1 to make its debut?

It didn’t happen at the Detroit Auto Show like how the rumors claimed it to be. The answer to this is at a race event that will take place in Q3 this year. That is the only clue we have at the moment and more details should start surfacing as we get closer to the Corvette ZR1’s release.