2018 Corvette ZR1 Kills The Corvette Z06 & Camaro ZL1 Appeal

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Before GM shakes up the market with the launch the mid-engine Corvette C8, it’s preparing an apt goodbye for the Corvette C7 with a ZR1 that aims to blow the socks off the Dodge Challenger Demon and Ford Mustang GT500.

In order to do that, the upcoming 2018 Corvette ZR1 must first prove itself against its cousins, namely the Corvette Z06, Camaro Z/28, and Camaro ZL1 1LE.

While we don’t really know anything about the next Camaro Z/28 at this point, we have it on good authority (read: Corvette Blogger) that the ZR1 makes the ZL1 1LE and Z06 look like pansies.

According to the publication, the ZR1 was spotted at the Laguna Seca track along with the Z06 and ZL1 1LE, most likely for performance comparison purposes. Actually, there were a total of four ZR1 prototypes, two with small rear spoilers and two with large wings.

The person who videotaped the ultimate C7 Corvette being tested, Ben Hsu, says that in terms of speed and sound the ZR1 is on another level compared to the Z06 and Camaro that were present. You can check out his footage below: