2018 Ford EcoSport Denied Fiesta ST From US Entry!

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It is official. Ford has confirmed that the new generation Fiesta will not be sold here in the US. Despite having accumulated respectable sales numbers, Ford is not keen on keeping the Fiesta alive in its home turf.

To Ford, they believe that the unpopularity of B-segment vehicles here in the US has led them to not sell the new-gen Fiesta. Well, we beg to differ as Ford’s roadmap for 2018 greatly suggests that the Fiesta’s axing in the US is meant to make room for a subcompact crossover.

Like how the Mazda used the Mazda 2 to create the CX-3, Ford is going to launch the EcoSport. The growing popularity of crossovers means that the EcoSport has the prospects to secure greater sales than the Fiesta.

Also, seeing that the EcoSport is not significantly larger than the Fiesta suggests that the vehicle is truly aimed at filling in the void left by the award-winning subcompact hatchback.

This is disappointing because it would mean not having the new Fiesta ST around. The Fiesta ST promises an even greater performance with the benefits of low running cost as it will come with cylinder deactivation technology.