2018 Ford F-150 Gets Big Boost To Save Brand From Misery!

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What is there not to like about the latest Ford F-150? The large pickup truck from Ford is the bestselling model in the segment and it keeps on getting better.

For the upcoming 2018 model, Ford has confirmed on more improvements coming and they will focus mostly on fuel economy. Ford revealed that the F-150 will be offered with a brand new 2.7L EcoBoost V6 mill that will return the best-in-class fuel economy ratings.

The mill is said to return 20mpg city, 26mpg highway and 22mpg combined. This is certainly impressive as the numbers are well ahead of every other large pickup truck out there. Even when on 4WD, the 21mpg combined rating is still well above the market average and this makes the F-150 more attractive for daily driving.

With the upgrade, we can expect the F-150 to maintain its sales momentum and this is really important for Ford’s survival in the market. 2017 has been financially bad for every American vehicle and Ford is clinging on to the F-150 as a stepping stone to a full financial recovery.