2018 Ford Fiesta: China Move Lands Killer Blow On Active Model!

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If you have been following the reports from Ford, you should be aware that the next-gen Fiesta is not going to get sold here in the US. Instead, the subcompact hatchback will replace the US with China and this is due to the greater sales prospects on the Far East nation.

The confirmation was made a couple of months ago and it has a sour impact on sales of the current Fiesta. Because of the announcement, the current outgoing Fiesta here in the US experienced a sharp dip in sales caused by a big drop in value.

July last month saw sales of the Fiesta hitting rock bottom and this gives the hatchback a sad end. The Fiesta may not be a bestseller here in the US but it still greatly appeals to those living in populated cities.

With the poor valuation of the Fiesta caused by the China move, the potential buyers have decided to snub the car in favor of other models like the Honda Fit. Would things have been better if Ford kept a tight lip on the Fiesta’s move to China?