2018 Ford Fiesta: Decency Can’t Save Super Hatch From Crossover Takeover!

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The next-gen Ford Fiesta is already getting distributed across the globe but this is with the exception of Ford’s home country, the USA. Ford has confirmed that the Fiesta won’t get sold locally because of the poor demand for subcompact cars.

Subcompact hatchback is a niche market in the US but despite its low popularity, the Fiesta can still achieve respectable sales figures and it can also compete fiercely with the Honda Fit. Besides, the Fiesta has been awarded numerous times for having the best subcompact setup so why would Ford refuse to sell the next-gen model here in the US?

Ford has no answer for this but their latest decisions have highlighted on an explanation. The answer is crossovers. It appears that Ford wants to tap on the trendy compact crossover segment by bringing the EcoSport here. The latter has been competing in the global market and it is finally making its way to the US.

Seeing that the EcoSport is built on the same platform that is used on the Fiesta, it makes it more right to say that the crossover’s entry in the US will occupy the void left by the subcompact hatchback. If so, then it’s too bad because we have more love for the Fiesta than the EcoSport.