2018 Ford Fiesta: EcoSport Failures May End Exile

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By now, most of you should be aware of the fact that the next-gen Ford Fiesta is not getting a US debut. Ford never explained their decision behind this move but the obvious suggests it to be with sales of the subcompact hatchback.

With Ford being a profit-driven company, having the Fiesta in the US does not sound like a good financial decision. This is because subcompact hatchbacks are made for a niche market hence investing a lot in having the car around won’t offer great returns.

This is probably the best explanation for the Fiesta exit but we still don’t see the point of it all. Despite being in the niche market, the Fiesta has always excelled on the sales front and this does not do justice to its exile.

It gets worst when we realized that Ford is bringing a new compact crossover into the US called the EcoSport. The small crossover is well-received worldwide and Ford is hoping for the same outcome here in the US.

The timing of the EcoSport confirmation greatly suggests that Ford has more confidence in selling a trendy crossover over a subcompact hatchback. If the EcoSport is truly the reason behind the Fiesta’s exile, then perhaps its sales failures may force Ford to revise their decision.