2018 Ford Fiesta: Forced Away For Crossover Sibling?

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If you are a fan of subcompact hatchbacks living in the USA, you must know by now that the next-gen Ford Fiesta is not going to go on sale locally. The car has faced the axe and Ford blames it on the poor sales prospects of the vehicle.

Whether you agree with Ford or not, the carmaker has a point when they revealed that the subcompact hatchback scene in the US is a niche market and there are plenty of strong competitors such as the Honda Fit and the Mitsubishi Mirage. Hence, it won’t be financially sound to keep the Fiesta alive in the US as there are better opportunities with other stuffs.

By other stuffs, Ford is probably referring to the EcoSport which will be making its debut next year. The latter is a compact crossover that has been sold globally and it can be said as a taller version of the Fiesta.

Crossover is the trending segment in the automotive industry hence having the EcoSport replacing the Fiesta can hand Ford a big financial boost.