2018 Ford Fiesta: Home Turf Disadvantage Sends Car Out Of US!

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About a year ago, Ford unveiled the new generation Fiesta. The subcompact hatchback is bound to go on sale in the coming months but this is with the exception of the US market.

Ford has said before that the Fiesta unveiled is the global model hence it is unlikely for the vehicle to get released in the US. If that is not bad enough, a recent interview with Ford reveals that the hatchback may not get launched in the US at all.

This is due to the great decline in demand for subcompact cars in North America and Ford is merely adjusting to the market movement. The killer blow is with the Fiesta’s extreme decline on the sales front in the US.

At this rate, the Fiesta will be limited to markets with good sales prospects only. We see this as a loss for the US because the next Fiesta promises an even greater balance in power and fuel economy.