2018 Ford Fiesta Shifts US Focus Onto China!

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It is no secret that Ford is developing the next-gen Fiesta and the subcompact hatchback will be making its debut in the coming months. Like the current Fiesta, the next-gen model is hoping to make an instant impact on the market.

The only problem with this dream is that the Fiesta will no longer be competing in its home turf. Ford has confirmed the subcompact hatchback will sit out of the US and they provided no explanation for this decision. It is pretty obvious that the reason is because of weak sales prospects and it doesn’t help knowing that the subcompact hatchback segment is a niche market here in the US.

What bothered us is with this move is that the Fiesta will shift their focus on China. All the support for the Fiesta in the US will move to China and Ford believe the move will give them a better chance at greater sales.

The next-gen Fiesta promises to be a big step forward from the current model as it looks to arrive with a new EcoBoost mill which features cylinder deactivation technology. It’s a bummer that we will need to go overseas if we wish to experience the mill