2018 Ford Fiesta: US Exit Stench Crossover Conspiracy

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It is official. The next-gen Ford Fiesta is not going to be available here in the US. It will instead focus on established subcompact markets like Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Ford may have not explained their decision to axe the next-gen Fiesta but many are convinced it is down to sales. Sales are all that matter in the car industry and the unpopular subcompact scene in the US means that having the Fiesta on home turf is not worth it.

But then again, if you are to look at the Fiesta’s sales in the past 3 years, the car has been accumulating respectable figures. Something certainly smells fishy here and we can’t help but to point our fingers at the Ecosport.

The compact crossover from Ford is not exactly the most popular name in the global market but because it belongs in the trendy segment, Ford is probably attempting to replace the Fiesta with the Ecosport.

Reports are already confirming that the Ecosport will make its debut in the US at the next LA Auto Show and it will be filling the void left by the Fiesta. Do you think this is a sound move from Ford?