2018 Ford Fiesta vs Subcompact Crossover: What’s Your Pick?

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Crossover is the trend in the automotive industry at present moment and the majority of car enthusiasts are not happy with it. These folks felt that the success of crossovers goes down to deluded consumers that think having a bigger vehicle will make them safer on the road.

Well, debating about it is not worth the effort because there is no changing the mind of automakers from tapping on the revenue potential of crossovers. Among them is Ford, which has teased on launching a brand new subcompact crossover in the US, at the cost of the Fiesta.

Yes, you read that right. Ford has revealed before that the new generation Fiesta won’t get sold here in the US before quoting it to be due to the unpopularity of subcompacts here in the US.

This is true from Ford as annual sales have shown that Americans still love big cars unlike how it is with other parts of the world. But despite subcompacts being a niche market, the outdated Fiesta is still able to achieve strong sales. On average, between 60,000 to 100,000 Fiesta gets sold annually hence we don’t understand the need to deprive the local market from the new-gen model.

The void left by the Fiesta is rumoured to get filled by a subcompact crossover and it was mentioned that Ford is anticipating a sharp growth in revenue by this change.

The details on the subcompact crossover are unknown at the moment but we expect it to be the EcoSport that is being sold globally. Ford is expected to make the necessary confirmation somewhere in Q1 next year so stay tuned.