2018 Ford Fiesta: Would You Trade It For A Crossover?

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The Ford Fiesta has bagged numerous awards for having the best performance in the subcompact hatchback scene and this is why we have a lot of love for the car. The unfortunate thing is that Ford don’t share the same sentiment since sales is more important than building a good car.

Various reports have confirmed that Ford won’t be selling the next-gen Fiesta here in the US and this is due to the poor sales prospects of the car. The subcompact scene is a niche segment here in the US and it doesn’t help having the Honda Fit competing with the Fiesta.

But despite the poor prospects, the current Fiesta is still able to finish a calendar year with sales averaging at 50,000 units. This is a respectable figure but it appears to be not convincing enough for Ford to keep the Fiesta alive in the market.

Once the Fiesta gets phased out, the reports claimed that Ford will fill the void with the EcoSport. The latter is a subcompact crossover that has been selling well across the globe and Ford feels that the popularity of crossovers would give the EcoSport a chance at outdoing the Fiesta’s sales numbers in the US.

Hence our question, would you trade a Fiesta for an EcoSport? Ford would say yes but we would prefer hearing your thoughts on the matter.