2018 Ford Focus ST Wants To Eradicate Subaru WRX

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The arrival of the Ford Focus RS a year ago automatically put an end to the craze for the Subaru WRX STI. The latter has been that go-to affordable sports car but its performance is far behind that of the Focus RS.

Despite the Focus RS having the ability to do better than the WRX STI, it didn’t manage to place a complete halt on sales of the car from Subaru. This cannot be helped as the ordinary WRX is still a popular choice among consumers and it has no direct competition from Ford.

Well, it won’t be the case next year as Ford has confirmed that the next-gen Focus will come out together with an ST variant. The next-gen Focus ST will be relying on a new turbocharged 1.5L EcoBoost engine that can churn out a whopping 275hp.

This is about 7hp more than what the ordinary WRX can offer thus putting the Focus ST in a promising position to beat the car. The fact that the Focus ST relies on a smaller capacity engine also suggests that the car will be more economical thus making it a better all-rounder than the WRX.

The full details on the Focus ST should arrive in Q4 this year and we can then confirm if the car will have what it takes to take every attention away from the Subaru WRX.