2018 Ford GT Is Not A ‘Plug & Play’ Supercar!

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Back in the 90s, supercars would require drivers with some serious driving skills to bring the best performance out of the vehicles. This is no longer the case today as the majority of new supercars are equipped with technologies that can allow an average driver to enjoy the desired performance.

But if you think that the all-new Ford GT is simple to drive, you are wrong. Car&Driver’s lap test with the car on VIR may have made it seem like the GT is simple to drive but the truth is screaming the exact opposite.

While the GT may have an approachable driver’s setup, proper driving talent is still needed to achieve the best lap times with the car. This was highlighted earlier today when a real race car driver managed to clock 2:38.62 around the VIR – a whopping 4.38 seconds faster than the racer from Car&Driver.

4.38 seconds is a huge gap and it highlights the importance of having proper skill to bring the best out of the Ford GT. This also makes it right that the GT is not a ‘plug & play’ super-exotic.