2018 Ford GT: This Is Ridiculously Too Slow!

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Say you have a lot of money to spend on a brand new exotic supercar. You can choose any vehicle you want but if you are to settle for the all-new generation Ford GT, you may come to regret the decision.

We say so because the wait for the new GT to land on your driveway is taking far too long. It was revealed by Redditor RWBronco that his dad successfully got his GT application accepted by Ford but the waiting time has stretched until up to 2 years.

A screenshot of the communication with Ford via email was shared with his post and from it, we can see that the GT was ordered on its early days but it will only get delivered between November 2018 and January 2019.

That is a long time from now and this is a painful wait for the buyers. Like seriously, how long could Ford take to build the GT? The vehicle may be handmade for extreme speed but the pace of delivery is the complete opposite of what the GT represents.