2018 Ford Mustang: Badly Designed? Look Again

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Last month, Ford released a set of images which shows the upcoming Mustang Facelift but it was met with more negatives than positives. The masses were loud in labelling the future Mustang as an ugly car over on the internet.

Many are simply not happy with the new-looking front fascia which gives the Mustang a sad face instead of a vicious appearance. We also shared the same views upon looking at the photos of the Mustang.

But our opinions immediately changed when we met the Mustang Facelift at a local auto show because the car is actually really beautiful in person. The measurements are well-done and it makes it really easy to fall in love with the vehicle.

It goes to say that the upcoming Mustang Facelift is not bad-looking at all. It just appears ugly in the photos because it is not a photogenic car. Those that have viewed the Mustang Facelift in person are likely to agree with this hence you should not lose hope just yet and try to see the vehicle live.