2018 Ford Mustang, F-150 Could Ditch 5.0L Coyote V8

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Ford had just completed a deal with Unifor and it will see the development of a brand new V8 engine. The engine is revealed to be a 4.8L V8 unit that will be directly replacing the long-serving 5L Coyote V8.

It is reported that the 4.8L unit will be tailored for the best power output and the most technologically advanced engine of all. The new mill is now in its final stages of development and it will be launched on every number-1-selling Ford vehicles today.

If this is to mean anything, names like the Mustang and the F-150 are likely to get the new V8 mill. This is easily because of the fact that the duo is among the bestselling vehicles from Ford.

The way we see it, the new 4.8L V8 may as well be the rumoured EcoBeast engine which Ford has teased on developing. The certainty here is that the engine will be working together with the new 10 speed transmission from Ford and the full details are expected to officially surface next year.

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  1. fmc

    December 22, 2016 at 6:38 pm

    4.8 liter? Let’s call it a 289 for old time’s sake.