2018 Ford Mustang: It’s Not Ugly, Just Not Photogenic

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Later this year, Ford is going to launch the Mustang Facelift and it will see the iconic pony car having a new look. Ford has already unveiled the Mustang Facelift but unfortunately for them, it was received poorly by the majority of the public.

It cannot be helped because the next Mustang Facelift looks like it has poor proportions and the front fascia has been tweaked to make the car appear sad rather than angry. It feels as if Ford has toned down on the aggression of the Mustang in an attempt to give the vehicle a sporty premium appearance.

But then again, after meeting the Mustang Facelift in person at the Detroit Auto Show, our opinion on the car changed for the better. The Mustang Facelift actually looks great and the design is a step forward from the existing model.

Many that have viewed the vehicle in person also had a change of heart towards the car and this confirms the Mustang Facelift is just not photogenic. Have you seen the upcoming Mustang in person? Do you agree with the above?