2018 Ford Mustang: Not Made For The Cameras

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If ugliness is really a huge thing in the automotive industry, then law enforcers should not impose a fine on poor looking cars that have been caught speeding on the speed cams. Perhaps, this can be good for the upcoming Ford Mustang Facelift.

Following the unveiling of a concept earlier this year, many have been criticizing the car for looking worse than the current outgoing model. This cannot be helped as the future Mustang looks out of shape and the grille has turned from aggressive to just plain sad.

We actually shared the same views with the majority of the public until we met the Mustang in person. It was then when we realized that the Mustang is a perfectly designed car and it is far from ugly. Because of this, we can confirm that the upcoming Mustang is just not photogenic.

This means that the Mustang looks perfect in person but its beauty can’t be seen in the photos. When Ford launches the car, we are fully expecting the masses to change their opinion on the vehicle’s design.