2018 Ford Mustang Will Lose Popular Buyers’ Choice

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The end is near for the Ford Mustang as the car prepares to completely ditch the ever-popular V6 engine. It is an outcome which we have predicted before as Ford wants EcoBoost to be their primary and only source of power.

This was confirmed earlier today by an insider from Ford who revealed that the V6 Code on the dealer’s computer is no longer valid in the next Mustang Facelift.

If this is anything to go by, it suggests that the Mustang Facelift will be running on the EcoBoost Turbo-4 engine in its base form. It will also see Ford raising the base price for the Mustang Facelift by a small margin.

Despite not being official yet, the Mustang lovers have already come to accept it and they are sad for it as well. A Mustang forum saw several fans commenting Rest in Peace Mustang which suggests that the pony car will be dead in their eyes once the Facelift model arrives.