2018 Ford Ranger: Sales Crisis Piles Pressure To Deliver

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Things are not looking good for American auto manufacturers as they have posted yet another month of decline on the sales front. July last month saw auto sales hitting a new record low for American makes and this makes the near future a worrying sight.

For Ford, their sales decreased by a whopping 7.7% but the decline is mostly due to the sedans and compact cars. Ford’s SUVs and trucks managed to post mild gain with the F-Series leading the charge thanks to an incline of 5.8% from July of last year.

The accomplishment means that the F-150 continues to become the number one choice for pickup truck lovers. But then again, the success of the F-150 can’t prevent the overall decline and this puts the pressure on the next-gen Ranger.

The future Ranger is expected to make its debut early next year and it will be competing in the midsized pickup truck segment. Despite seeing new signs of life in the midsized pickup scene, the current sales uncertainty creates a shaky atmosphere for the Ranger.

It will be a big blow to Ford if the Ranger is unable to make an impactful debut as that would restrict Ford’s sales to the F-Series and also the utility vehicles. The pressure is on the Ranger and only time wll tell if its return will serve Ford well in this dark times.