2018 Ford Shelby GT500 Picking Up Nissan GT-R Dynamics?

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It is no secret that Ford is currently developing more performance cars and among them is the next-gen Shelby GT500. The future GT500 is expected to offer a new driving experience that will redefined the term overpowered.

If the rumours are to be referred to, the GT500 will be equipped with a mechanism that is similar to the ones on the Nissan GT-R. The word is that the GT500 will have front steering spindles on the designed for CV shafts. Hence, the vehicle will be a front engine with a rear transaxle and a driveshaft that goes to the front.

Such a setup will grant greater power optimization for the Ford Shelby GT500 thus allowing the car to return a more insane performance. Power levels are also likely to increase just from adopting a GT-R-sourced mechanism.

Everything about the above sounds exciting but it should not be believed word for word. After all, the report is still based on rumours and we can’t confirm on it until Ford spills the details on the next GT500.