2018 GMC Canyon: Don’t Mistake Me For A Honda Ridgeline!

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The GMC Canyon has had a rough 2017 on the sales front as the vehicle went on a decline to end the year below the Honda Ridgeline. In a bid to put the GMC Canyon back on track, GM has decided to freshen up the vehicle with an attractive new design and some other improvements.

As how you can see above, the 2018 Canyon appears less busy thanks to a more simplified styling. But at a glance, we actually thought that the vehicle is designed by Honda.

It cannot be helped as the Canyon’s boxy front and square features are akin to the first generation Ridgeline. If you agree with us on this, then it is perhaps right to say that the 2018 Canyon is more deserving of being the second-generation Ridgeline than the original model from Honda.

We have embedded a photo of the first-gen Ridgeline below for your viewing and we would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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