2018 Honda Accord: Civic Type R Needs EPA For Worthiness

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Very soon from now, Honda will launch the tenth-generation Accord and many can’t wait to check out the vehicle in person. Honda has already revealed plenty on the next Accord and among them is the full turbocharged line-up with the car.

This means that there won’t be a naturally-aspirated V6 being available with the car and its replacement is with the 2L turbo-4 mill that is sourced from the Civic Type R.

But before you jump in joy upon hearing Type R, you should know that the Type R motor is not meant to send the Accord sprinting. The engine has been detuned with the aim of greater fuel economy and this is disappointing to say the least.

The biggest worry here is with the power figures which are behind rival Toyota Camry. Perhaps, this makes it right to say that everything goes down to EPA’s fuel economy figures. The EPA numbers are not out yet and if the Accord fails to be better than the Camry, it won’t justify the Type R decision.