2018 Honda Accord Gets ‘Type R’ Boost Via Unofficial Means

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Will there be a day where Honda will build a ‘Type R’ version of all their production cars instead of limiting the moniker to only the Civic?

There is no certain answer for this but if you waiting for the new generation Honda Accord to perform like a pure Type R, we have got some great news for you. The 2018 Accord can now be upgraded to offer that Type R-worthy performance you have wished for.

Honda aftermarket tuner, Hondata, had just released the Stage 2 tuning package for the 2018 Accord and it witnessed the car pumping out a whopping 370ft-lbs of torque. This translates to an increment of 100ft-lbs torque – something that is truly worth commending.

But of course, you can’t exactly call it the Accord Type R since it is not officially from Honda. It may also be hard to believe that a Stage 2 tune can offer a significant boost to a stock engine. So if you’re in doubts, you can check the dyno of the boosted Accord below for convincing.