2018 Honda Accord: Numbers Suggest Type R Upgrade Not Worth It

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The 2018 Honda Accord is finally here and many are quick to place an order for the midsized sedan. The new Accord came out with a number of notable changes and among them is the removal of the V6 mill. In its place is a detuned Civic Type R-sourced 2L turbo-4.

Today, a reviewer took the new 2L Accord for a test to see how much improvement it is against the discontinued V6. Both cars were sent to the dynos and the results are surprisingly underwhelming.

The method of comparison here is questionable but the numbers acquired does paint a picture on whether the 2L is truly an upgrade from the V6. In terms of fuel economy, the V6 scored 26.5mpg on mixed driving scenarios whereas the 2L turbo-4 scored 27.1mpg.

From stop, the 2.0T is superior at maintaining traction. It accelerates with ease while the V6 is still axle-tramping uncontrollably and spinning its wheels without rest.

With that being said, the new Accord with the 2L can be described as a smoother variant of the old V6. The fuel economy change and raw performance improvement are extremely minimal.