2018 Honda Accord Only Need 30 Minutes To Kill Predecessor!

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Here’s a fun fact. The newly launched 2018 Honda Accord took only 30 minutes to replace its predecessor. This information surfaced through a video which highlights the transition from the 2017 Accord to its successor at a local plant and it has been backed up by Honda.

The hour-long documentary highlighted how efficiency in production is a top priority for Honda thus enabling them to commence the development of the new generation Accord without any delays.

It’s even more amazing when you realized that the new Accord has little in common with its predecessor. The flagship sedan is built on a completely new platform with a fully turbocharged powertrain line-up.

If it was another, probably non-Japanese automaker, they will pull the old Accord out of the market for about a month to retool the production plant.

The ability to enforce a quick change on a production plant is one of Honda’s best traits in the industry and this makes us appreciate the Accord even more. You can check out an interview about it below.