2018 Honda Accord: Size Becomes The Main Problem

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The tenth-gen Honda Civic is going to bring about some really interesting changes in the Honda lineup, and the new Honda CR-V is proof that this time, change is a good thing. What about the Honda Accord though?

It appears that the automaker is starting to apply the ‘bigger is better’ principle, as the Honda Civic now measures too close to the current Accord. This could only mean one thing when the 2018 Accord arrives – it’s going to pack on more mass.

Spy shots of the upcoming sedan seem to back what can now only be considered speculation of the Accord’s new size. Even with visual evidence, we cannot say for sure that the vehicle’s next-gen model is going to be larger than what it currently is.

One look at spy shots of the Honda CR-V prior to its release tells us why. Many reports initially claimed that the SUV would adopt a third-row of seats based on the longer wheelbase of its concealed prototypes, but that hasn’t turned out to be true, has it?

Whether or not a larger Honda Accord is a good thing is really up to consumers. At any rate, we can’t really make a proper judgment until the sedan lands in dealerships and rolls out to the streets for 2018.