2018 Honda Accord: Type R Cause A Suicide Move?

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By now, you should be aware that the next-gen Honda Accord will have a fully turbocharged line-up. The base model will be equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine whereas the range-topping trim will replace the long-serving, naturally aspirated V6 with a 2L turbo-4 sourced from the Civic Type R.

The Type R mill which features on the latest Civic Type R has led the car to become the world’s fastest FWD hatchback in history yet hence its application on the Accord is expected to do wonders. Well, maybe not.

The performance figures of the next-gen Accord has confirmed that the 2L turbo-4 will be detuned as it focuses on getting greater balance in power and fuel economy. What bothers us is the fact that the detuned mill has fewer ponies than the V6 it replaces, although it may have more torque to offer. It is also worth mentioning that the Type R mill is considerably weaker than the rival Toyota Camry.

It makes us wonder if sourcing the engine from the Civic Type R is a good decision for the next Accord is a good idea because the numbers are really against the cause. EPA has yet to release to fuel economy ratings of the next Accord hence we can’t give a verdict on the motor adoption just yet.

Should the fuel economy numbers be underwhelming, we can’t help but to see the swapping of the V6 for the turbo-4 as a suicidal move from Honda. Let’s hope that won’t be the outcome.