2018 Honda Accord: Type R Endeavour Without Type R Powers!

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It is official. The all-new generation Honda Accord is now getting distributed to the dealers and you can purchase the car with the Civic Type R-sourced 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

However, the mill won’t have 305hp to offer as it has been detuned to 252hp. Honda explained that they brought down the numbers so as to maximize driving smoothness and comforting performance.

Seeing that the 2L mill is the replacement for the long-serving naturally aspirated V6, we don’t see much of a step forward with the motor because it only brag more torque to offer. When compared to rival vehicles, the range-topping Accord is still weaker on the power count and it got worse when we realized that the car is also behind on fuel economy numbers.

The EPA figures are not out yet but early on road test with the Accord ‘Type R’ saw the sedan returning 34mpg at best. Rival Camry with an NA V6 engine can do far better and also offer more power while at it.

Honda may have nailed it with driving feel and smoothness with the Accord but they seem to have lost the plot when it comes to getting the right numbers for the car. Do you think this is a hit or a miss?