2018 Honda Accord: Type R Moniker Lost Its Value

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One of the most respected names in the performance market is the Type R from Honda. The Civic Type R, in particular, has never failed to impress and things are no different for the latest generation model.

The latest Civic Type R came out being the fastest FWD sports hatch around and this is an achievement which Honda can be proud of. So when Honda suddenly announced that the V6 on the Accord will be replaced with the 2L turbo-4 engine from the Civic Type R, we can’t help but to feel excited for the next-gen midsized sedan.

Today, however, we learned that the Type R DNA injected on the upcoming Accord is not worth celebrating because the mill has been detuned for a more refined daily performance and greater fuel economy.

While this is meant to serve the Accord’s primary purpose, it is hard to accept the 2L turbo-4 having fewer horsepower than the V6 it replaces. It doesn’t help knowing that the power count on the mill is weaker than the range-topping Toyota Camry.

We feel that it will all go down to fuel economy. Should the next Accord is unable to make leaps in fuel efficiency, we simply don’t see the point of having a Type R mill on the midsized sedan.