2018 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry: Is Type R Just A Selling Tool?

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Towards the end of last year, Honda brought out the new generation Accord and it was quickly followed with the release of its rival, the new Toyota Camry. Both vehicles came out with bumped up numbers but which of the two is better?

At a glance, many would say that glory belongs to the Honda Accord as the vehicle is offered with the Civic Type R-sourced 2L turbocharged engine. But scoping into the numbers, the Accord can’t replicate the performance of the Civic Type R and this is due to the mill being detuned for greater balance in power and fuel economy.

So instead of having more than 300hp to offer, the Accord can only develop 252hp at best. The good side to this is that the new Accord can offer a much smoother driving experience – one that any midsized enthusiasts can appreciate.

On the other hand, it is still a little embarrassing for Honda because Toyota can compete with is just by equipping the new Camry with the aging naturally-aspirated V6 engine. The old V6 engine has lasted for a long time and Toyota only had to refine the mill to make the Camry better.

When compared to the Accord, the Camry boasts more power and an equally smooth driving experience. The only setback with the Camry V6 is that it consumes 1MPG more than the Accord. This basically suggests that the Type R mill on the Accord is nothing more than a selling tool.