2018 Honda Accord: Why V6 Won’t Be Missed

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Honda has confirmed that there will be big changes coming to the Accord for 2018 and among them is the application of new powertrains. The confirmation left us shock because the Accord is not going to come with a V6 engine.

It is a bold move for Honda to remove the V6 engine but we don’t see it as something bothersome at all. This is because the naturally-aspirated V6 engine has never been pleasing on the Accord – unlike the V6 on the Toyota Camry.

To make matters worse, the last V6 on the accord comes with VCM, which keeps 3 cylinder shut off for most of the time. The system is automated and it is programmed to be reluctant in opening up all 6 pots. The aim here is to make the Accord more economical but at the cost of performance.

With that being said, the axing of the V6 unit on the next Accord may just be a blessing in disguise. Although, we are not quite sure if the replacement 2L turbo-4 engine will be good enough for the Accord.