2018 Honda Civic Awaits Help From Accord

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Honda is about to further expanded the Civic family with the introduction of a hatchback model and a possible hybrid model. The latter, in particular, is currently in the works after Honda realized that it is time to bid farewell to diesel engines.

So what can we expect of the Civic Hybrid? Well, for starters, the car may just adopt the same hybrid powertrain that is applied on the Accord Hybrid. It will see the Civic relying on a 2L 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor.

Such a setup will grant the Civic 48mpg in EPA ratings and this will further enhance the car’s reputation in the industry. The Civic is already making huge gains from the tenth generation model and having a hybrid around will only pave the way to complete dominance in the compact car segment.

But of course, the entire setup is still pending for confirmation from Honda. We can expect Honda to lay out the details in the coming months. Stay tuned.