2018 Honda Civic Hands Diesel An Extended Life!

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Diesel powertrains are fast falling out of favor in the automotive industry but there is still a market for diesel-powered vehicles in Europe. Despite many European countries plotting on a complete ban of diesels in the near future, Honda has decided to offer a diesel mill with the tenth generation Civic.

The idea might sound absurd at first, when you consider that the standard Civic is already a winner in fuel efficiency. The petrol-powered Civic can return up to 42mpg and this is an amazing achievement for a car of its size so is there really a need to offer a diesel powertrain?

Honda answered this question with a loud yes and they explained that it is because of the mileage which the diesel mill can offer. Honda revealed that the diesel motor coming to the Civic is clean all-around and it can return 63.5mpg. This is a big leap from the standard petrol-powered Civic.

The Civic Diesel will be offered in selected European countries and it will arrive somewhere in mid-2018. We do wonder though why Honda is not taking the electric route with the latest Civic.