2018 Honda Civic Si: 0-60MPH Glued At 6.3 Seconds?

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The next-gen Honda Civic Si will be making its official sales debut on June 6 next week and we can expect to get full details on the car then. Despite already knowing plenty about the vehicle, Honda has yet to share on the performance figures of the new Civic Si.

This has got the fans speculating on how fast the Civic Si can hit 60MPH from standstill and most of them are expecting the timing to be north of 6 seconds but under 7 seconds. This is purely based on logical thinking since the 5 seconds zone is reserved for the Civic Type R. Meanwhile, the standard turbocharged Civic can clock 60MPH within 7 seconds.

Well, today an insider that has driven the Civic Si behind closed doors revealed that he managed to touch 60MPH in 6 .3seconds. The lad pointed out that there is a big performance difference between the Civic Si and the standard Civic despite the two cars not being far apart on the pony count.

The improvements made on the Civic Si are massive and the icing on the cake is with the splendid manual gearbox. But of course, this information is based on the words of an insider. We can only be certain about it once Honda releases the full details on the Civic Si.