2018 Honda Civic Si Tramples On Nissan Nismo’s Reputation

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There have been a sharp incline in the number of performance cars produced in recent years but not all of them managed to make it big in the market. One of the names that have failed to impress the public is the Nissan Sentra Nismo.

The car was thought to be a more powerful version of the Sentra SRT because of Nismo’s reputation at enhancing vehicles but it ended up being unimpressive in every way possible. Despite having 188hp and 177ft-lbs of torque to offer from a turbocharged 1.6L mill, the use of a CVT gearbox completely ruined the entire performance.

So when Honda pulled the curtains off the next-gen Civic Si, we can’t help but to accept the fact that Nismo has lost its glorious ways through the Sentra. The Civic Si, despite being made to fill the void between a standard Civic and the Type-R trim, can deliver 205hp from a 1.5L turbo-4 mill.

The Civic Si also brags a nicer appearance and a more appreciable cabin. Seeing that the standard Civic is rated highly for the performance it offers, we can safely assume that things will be a lot better with the next-gen Civic Si. It simply goes to show that Nissan Nismo is out of touch with its performance skills.