2018 Honda Civic Type R Bound To Get More Expansive!

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The latest Honda Civic Type R is officially the fastest FWD sports hatch in history and this explains why there is a long queue of interested buyers for the car.

The only problem with this is that the dealers are exploiting the popularity of the Type R to make big profits. On average, the Civic Type R costs twice the price of its original MSRP due to dealer mark-ups.

The price of owning the Civic Type R is also expected to face a hike since there are already two major crashes that have involved the newly released car. Both crashes killed the Civic Type R entirely and this will lead to a spike in the cost of auto insurance for the model.

In other words, insuring the Civic Type R brand new is expected to get more expansive next year than right now. The good news here is that both crashes didn’t claim any lives.