2018 Honda Civic Type R Can’t Get Enough Of Records!

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The latest Honda Civic Type R has made it easy for us to forget that the car runs on FWD because the speed which it has to offer does not carry the front-wheel initials.

This explains how the Civic Type R is able to cleverly use its 305hp 2L turbo-4 engine to create records at the Nurburgring and such accomplishment has perhaps made the Civic addicted to compete on every front.

Today, another record got broken by the Civic Type R and it is on TRC’s drag strip. Despite not being a stock road legal model, the modified Civic Type R was able to finish the quarter-mile challenge in an amazing time of 7.95 seconds and a peak speed of 189.95mph.

That is some crazy numbers and it made the Civic Type R the new Sports FWD record holder at the drag track. What’s best about it is that the mods applied to the car sticks close to the original layout of the Civic Type R hence the setup can be road legal if it wants to. Just check out the video below.