2018 Honda Clarity: Numbers Expose Sheer Ugliness!

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The Clarity is Honda’s first attempt with FCEV technology and their cautious approach explains why the vehicle is being sold in highly limited numbers. But over the years, Honda has been increasing the sales bar for the Clarity as they want the car to get more exposure on the global scene.

Well, this can be a good thing because the Clarity is equipped with an FCEV powertrain and having more of them on the roads would paint a brighter future for the hydrogen-fuelled system.

But the downside to this is that the consistent incline in the number of Clarity sold means that more people can get a better look at the vehicle – something that isn’t good at all. This is because the Clarity is actually not a pretty sight to the average consumers.

The latest design changes made the Clarity appear busier and more ‘alien-like’ and we have to say that the vehicle is on the same class with the Toyota Prius in terms of ugliness. Like seriously, does it hurt for carmakers to make their vehicle appear ‘normal’ and not rush the futuristic looks?

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  1. Richard Joash Tan

    February 7, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    To me, it does not hurt because the Clarity is the most beautiful car of all. The title should be changed to “numbers expose sheer beauty”. Is that better?