2018 Honda Ridgeline Gets Pilot Entertainment Value!

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The Honda Ridgeline may not be as popular as the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado but it is truly a unique offering in the midsized pickup truck scene. The Ridgeline has proved its worth when it showcased greater durability than the rival vehicles.

While not tailored for the off-road, the Ridgeline can last longer on the dirt track without breaking down. The icing on the cake is with the car-like cabin that comes with the Ridgeline.

Since its introduction, Honda has never stopped upgrading the Ridgeline’s cabin quality through passing around the features that are applied on the Pilot. For 2018, the Ridgeline will get a revised trim and prices will start at $29,630.

This is for the 2WD Ridgeline RT and it is $14,000 cheaper than the upcoming, range-topping AWD Ridgeline Black Edition. Another addition from the Pilot is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Both phone pairing systems will be available across all trims and they will definitely provide a boost to the driving experience.

Last but not least is that the Ridgeline will have new interior materials and two new colors to choose from. The question is will the consumers finally be able to appreciate the comfy-focused pickup truck?